Commit To Prayer

During the month of January, we are consecrating ourselves to the Lord in prayer.

We invite you to join us.  It's simple!

Make a daily commitment to spend time with the Lord.

The combination of prayer and reading the Word will dramatically impact your spiritual walk.

As we approach prayer, we want it to be based on God's Word, not just our thoughts or ideas.

Prayer is more than us telling God what we want.

Prayer is about spending time with the Lord and allowing Him to change us.

When the Lord speaks something to you as you are reading His Word, pray it back to Him.

The most powerful and effective prayers are praying God's Word.

As God speaks to you about people and situations, spend time interceding over them

Also, remember to listen for the Holy Spirit's response back to you in prayer.

Prayer is a conversation, not just a monologue.  

Make your needs known and then spend time in His presence.

We pray that the Lord will bless your prayer time!